Mommy Makeovers

Post-pregnancy and rapid weight loss combined with normal aging can have extreme and undesirable effects on the female body. Two of most common areas for concern are the Abdomen and Breasts. Excessive skin loosening along with fat makes the belly look unattractive. Sometimes even the most disciplined person who diets properly and works out regularly, can find themeselves on the losing end of this battle. Pregnancies and breast feeding takes their toll on womens' breasts as well as their tummies. Most women lose the size their breasts were during pregnancy and as a result, their breasts now sag.

There are procedures for one or two areas of the body that can be performed at the same time. Abdominoplasty and breast augmentation (or breast lift) are more the most commonly requested Mommy Makeover procedures we offer. Although this approach is not suitable for everybody, there is an added convenience of one surgery and one recovery time.