Facial Rejuvenation

With sensible life style changes many people are living longer, healthier lives. Active lifestyles and outdoor activities expose skin to sun damage. Photoaging skin shows blotchy uneven pigmentation, actinic keratosis, wrinkles and laxity. Nowhere is photoaging more evident than the facial skin. Skin is graded from Type 1 which is smooth youthful skin of 20s with no wrinkles , minimal if any pigment changes to Type 4 in 50s and 60s with constant wrinkles, severe signs of photodamage with loose skin and folds and advanced keratosis.

Look at the smooth youthful skin of 20s. The Face is somewhat square, cheeks are full, skin is firm and smooth, textured and glowing with a defined jaw line separating cheek from the neck. Now,look at a the skin of 50s and 60s, Face is more rounded, cheeks are hollowed out, skin is loose and rough, red and pigmented, jawline descends into the neck with no transition, and fat is distributed in the wrong parts of the face and neck. Skin care with chemical peels and laser treatments can help only in Type 1 and 2 patients. Most others will need some rejuvenative procedures. The art of cosmetic surgery advanced in great strides in this respect in formulating treatment options. Even for those who will only benefit from a skin tightening procedure, the new 'reposition' procedures replaced the old 'lift and tighten' procedures.